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Black Hills Energy highlights progress toward a cleaner energy future in newly released sustainability report

Black Hills Energy today announced the release of its 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report, showcasing the company’s environmental, social and governance performance and its progress on major projects and climate goals.


Electric service request for proposal - Blockchain Interruptible Service (BCIS)

With recent changes on the global front and as a result of Wyoming's approach to cryptocurrency, Black Hills Energy's Cheyenne, Wyoming service territory is experiencing a large influx of requests for service for…


Wyoming - physically and financially a great place for data centers

I know that talk of renewable energy isn’t always easy, especially in a state like Wyoming. I understand when some of my fellow Wyomians worry that the move toward creating more renewable energy options puts a target on the…


Cheyenne: Social Distancing Since 1867

With 97,818 square miles to share, Wyoming is good on space. To our fellow 586,000 Wyomingites, what some call social distancing, we know as simply enjoying the expanse of nature in our own backyards.

Tyler Gibbs

Happy Spring from Wyoming, where for data centers, it's like spring every day

There’s a lot to love about spring. The sun finally stays up late enough for my wife and I to squeeze in the occasional quick nine holes of golf after work or a leisurely walk with our dog, Todd. 

Tyler Gibbs

Six surprising ways Cheyenne is right for data centers

When you hear “Cheyenne”, chances are you think about cowboys, rodeos, and railroads. And while we’re proud of our western culture, you might be surprised by the “Magic City of the Plains”.

Tyler Gibbs

Dice Denver

Bisnow's Datacenter Investment Conference & Expo (DICE) Series bridges the gap between data center real estate and the technology infrastructure that supports it.


How Black Hills Energy became one of the cleanest utilities in the country

Around here, we don’t believe in just squeaking by. We want to knock it out of the park. When our customers expressed a strong interest in having their electricity supplied by clean, emissions-free renewable energy resources…

Eric Scherr

Don’t let the charts fool you

Pricing information from the Energy Information Administration provides clues, but it’s not the only indicator. We know that accurate information is imperative to determine the right location for your next data center. Some…


How utilities are stepping up to be innovative sustainability partners

If Elon Musk and my mom ever met, they would probably be fast friends. Sure, they have different tastes in baby names (although “Karen” and “X Æ A-Xii” are both solid choices), but they have a lot of other things in common.…


Colorado allows economic development rates for data centers

There’s a lot about the State of Colorado that make it attractive as a location for data centers. It’s a fiber network hub. It’s nationally recognized for its low cost of doing business. Power is reliable, clean and…

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Energy Solutions for Data Centers

Learn how Black Hills Energy partnered with Microsoft to design an “outside-the-box” energy solution that would save the company money, save the utility’s customers on their electricity bills and deliver the power Microsoft…

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