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Looking for a sustainable energy source for your data center? Look no further

sustainable energy source
Director, Strategic Initiatives Black Hills Energy

As you plan the future growth of your data center operations, there are so many reasons to consider the Cheyenne, Wyoming, area. Just one of those reasons is Black Hills Energy.

Black Hills Energy invites you to partner with us as you grow and expand your business; and as an added bonus, we bring our commitment to sustainability to the partnership.

We are committed to creating a cleaner energy future for our customers and our planet. We have continued to achieve progress toward our goal to reduce electric utility emission intensity 40% by 2030 and 70% by 2040, and we have expanded our natural gas utility goal to be net zero for our distribution system by 2035.  From 2011 to 2018 alone, we reduced carbon emissions by 25% and reduced nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emissions by more than 50%.

We have done this with costs in mind, offering low-cost utility scale renewable energy resources. We have developed innovative renewable solutions for our customer such as the Renewable Ready program. This program was created specifically to provide large commercial and industrial customers the option of fulfilling up to 100% of their electricity needs with low-cost utility-scale renewable energy resources direct from Black hills Energy. This is a subscription-based program that allows our customers to buy renewable energy through a wind facility in our state. The Renewable Ready program is currently fully subscribed and not available for additional customers.

Or course, there are plenty of other reasons to choose us and the Cheyenne area.

Cheyenne in particular is ideal for data storage and processing loads. Elevation is 6,100 feet and the climate is semi-arid with an average annual temperature of 46.5 degrees. Annual precipitation is about 16 inches.

Cheyenne also straddles a convergence of regional and transcontinental fiber optic cables with six long-haul fiber providers within its footprint.

On the financial front, the State of Wyoming offers data centers incentives like no personal state income taxes, no corporate income taxes, no inventory taxes and low property taxes. Wyoming also allows utilities like Black Hills Energy to implement tariffs which allow us to negotiate electrical rates with qualifying customers. This has equipped us to secure a competitive all-in rate. Customers like Microsoft’s Cheyenne data center benefit from the tariffs.

With all of this in mind, we invite you to think Black Hills Energy as you plan your future growth. We will help your business thrive while maintaining a focus on sustainability.