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Electric service request for proposal - Blockchain Interruptible Service (BCIS)

Electric service request for proposal - Blockchain Interruptible Service

With recent changes on the global front and as a result of Wyoming's approach to cryptocurrency, Black Hills Energy's Cheyenne, Wyoming service territory is experiencing a large influx of requests for service for crypto mining.  In order to thoroughly prioritize and evaluate each request, Black Hills Corporation through its wholly owned subsidiary Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power Company is soliciting proposals from potential Block Chain Interruptible Service (“BCIS”) customers.  Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power Company dba Black Hills Energy (“Cheyenne Light”) serves over 43,000 electric customers in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the surrounding vicinity.

This RFP allows respondents to propose pricing and terms related to taking service under a to be negotiated BCIS agreement. Cheyenne Light desires to enter into one or more BCIS agreement(s) as a result of this RFP.

The agreement for service under the BCIS tariff must include:

  1. Electric service is for new interruptible load expected to be 10,000 kW or greater;
  2. A term of at least two (2) years;
  3. Specific pricing for all electricity purchased, with the pricing terms being subject to renegotiation at least every three (3) years;
  4. Negotiated service interruption provisions (size of interruptible load, notice of planned interruption, duration of interruption, and maximum hours of interruption per year) ;
  5. Other requirements as defined in the BCIS tariff (see appendix)

Download the request form

Proposal Submissions

Proposals must be submitted in the complete name of the party expecting to execute any resulting BCIS Agreement with Cheyenne Light. The proposal must be executed by a person who is duly authorized to bind the respondent to a contract.

Bidders can submit alternate proposals for price, location, or curtailable hours.

All proposals submitted in response to this RFP must be received by Cheyenne Light no later than 5:00 pm MDT on the due date at To ensure receipt, please send e-mails from a United States service provider.


Issue RFP August 24, 2021
RFP Responses due September 7, 2021
Screening of bids complete September 30, 2021
Notice to short-listed bidders September 30, 2021
Execution of BCIS Agreement October 15, 2021


Cheyenne Light will accept questions via email to Cheyenne Light requests that all questions concerning this RFP be submitted in writing at the above address. Answers will be provided through email correspondence to and from this address only. Written questions will be accepted by Cheyenne Light through September 3.