Renewable Ready

Delivering Sustainable Energy Solutions

Renewable Ready

Leveraging Wyoming’s abundant natural resources to power your data center


Renewable Ready: Leveraging Wyoming’s abundant natural resources to power your data center

For generations, the state of Wyoming, with its rich natural resources, has had a strong connection to energy. Around here, we know what it’s like to have families, businesses and communities throughout the nation depend on us for safe, reliable and affordable energy.

When you take abundant natural resources and add a deep bench of energy expertise, you get the kind of solutions that help everyone succeed.

At Black Hills Energy, our modern coal plants, state-of-the-art natural gas-fired generating station and wind energy projects create industry-leading electric service reliability at a price point that is extremely attractive for our largest customers and data centers.

Delivering Sustainable Energy Solutions

We understand that data centers need energy that’s reliable, affordable, and more than ever, renewable.

Our Renewable Ready program is just one example of how we’re delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to serve our customers’ energy needs and changing expectations.  

Renewable Ready gives customers the option of subscribing to renewable energy resources for up to 100% of their electric energy needs.

The program was designed for large commercial and industrial customers and government agencies in South Dakota and Wyoming, allowing subscribers the ability to enter into long-term contracts for renewable energy resources to power their businesses. The Renewable Ready program is being supported by a new wind generating facility now under construction – the Corriedale Wind Energy Project. The facility, when complete, will generate a total of 52.5 MW of wind energy, to be used exclusively for our South Dakota and Wyoming subscribers of Renewable Ready. While the Renewable Ready program is currently fully subscribed, it’s a great example of how we work with our customers to develop cost-effective, sustainable energy programs to meet their needs.

Large Power Contract Service

We also offer our customers a Large Power Contract Service. This option was specifically designed for one of our largest data centers. We partnered with our customer to provide affordable rates and service reliability so they could meet their renewable energy goals. This tariff allows us to secure market energy on behalf of our largest customers, giving them options to purchase or contract market power, including renewable energy.

We’re here to help.

When Black Hills Energy is on your team, we come to the table with solutions to help your data center succeed. And we’re not afraid of trying something new to get the job done.

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