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We’re here to help you find the perfect energy fit for your next data center.

By Tyler Gibbs, Account Manager, Black Hills Energy


We’re here to help you find the perfect energy fit for your next data center.

One size fits all approaches rarely work, especially when it comes to a data center’s very specific energy needs.

That’s why my team at Black Hills Energy strives to create innovative solutions for our customers. We’re proud of our safe, reliable energy. In fact, our track record for reliability is industry-leading, at a price point that is extremely attractive to data centers. But equally important is the personalized attention we give to our clients.

When our customers expressed interest in expanding their renewable energy use, we created a new program to meet that need. Renewable Ready gives customers the option of subscribing to renewable energy resources for up to 100% of their electric energy needs.

The Renewable Ready program is being supported by a new wind generating facility now under construction – the Corriedale Wind Energy Project. The facility, when complete, will generate a total of 52.5 MW of wind energy, to be used exclusively for our South Dakota and Wyoming subscribers of Renewable Ready.

While the Renewable Ready program is currently fully subscribed, it’s a great example of how we work with our customers to develop cost-effective, sustainable energy programs to meet their needs. Black Hills Energy has always prided itself on our agility to provide customer-centric solutions. This was demonstrated in our innovative tariff design when we created the Large Power Contract Service. This tariff allows us to secure market energy on behalf of our largest customers in Wyoming, giving them access to the power market and a choice of energy resources, including renewable energy. This solution provides data centers and mission critical customers with more affordable rates, industry leading reliability, and the ability to meet their renewable energy goals.

We’re ready to give our customers advanced energy options to help their businesses thrive. Contact me to learn more about how Black Hills Energy can help your next data center.

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