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Renewable Advantage

How Black Hills Energy became one of the cleanest utilities in the country


Advantage [ad-van(t)-ij] NOUN: a favorable or desirable circumstance or feature; a benefit.

Around here, we don’t believe in just squeaking by. We want to knock it out of the park.

When our customers expressed a strong interest in having their electricity supplied by clean, emissions-free renewable energy resources, we listened and got to work. Our goal: To lead the way to lower costs for customers, giving them a true renewable advantage.

We’re proud of the industry-leading, reliable energy we provide to our customers in Southern Colorado. As of 2020, 30 percent of our generation comes from renewables, from the wind and solar farms we built right here in the Centennial State.

But even as we met the State of Colorado’s renewable energy mandate of 30 percent this year, we knew we could go above and beyond that requirement. Keeping our customers’ interest top priority, we came up with a plan that would make renewable energy a real benefit.

Renewable Advantage is our plan to deliver significant cost savings to our customers by doubling the amount of low-cost, renewable energy on our Southern Colorado system by 2023. The bidding process for up to 200-megawatts of new, large-scale wind, solar and battery projects attracted interest from developers in Southern Colorado and across the nation. With the Commission’s approval expected this fall, construction of the new renewable projects would begin as soon as 2021.  

This plan will let us secure long-term cost savings for our customers through lower power supply costs.

What that means for your datacenter

We’re ready to go to work for your next mission critical facility. We’ll come side by side with your team to meet your needs and help you reach your zero emissions or net zero goals. And rest assured, we won’t give up until we’ve figured out a way to hit a home run.

And to us, that sounds like the definition of an advantage.

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Renewable Ready

Leveraging Wyoming’s abundant natural resources to power your data center


For generations, the state of Wyoming, with its rich natural resources, has had a strong connection to energy. Around here, we know what it’s like to have families, businesses and communities throughout the nation depend on us for safe, reliable and affordable energy.

When you take abundant natural resources and add a deep bench of energy expertise, you get the kind of solutions that help everyone succeed.


At Black Hills Energy, our modern coal plants, state-of-the-art natural gas-fired generating station and wind energy projects create industry-leading electric service reliability at a price point that is extremely attractive for our largest customers and data centers.

Learn more about how Black Hills Energy is leveraging Wyoming's natural resources to power your data center.