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Colorado now allows economic development rates for data centers


There’s a lot about the State of Colorado that make it attractive as a location for data centers. It’s a fiber network hub. It’s nationally recognized for its low cost of doing business. Power is reliable, clean and available. And in Southern Colorado communities like Pueblo, data center sites are affordable and readily available. When you factor in legislation that allows lower electric rates for commercial and industrial users who locate or expand operations within the state, conditions for data centers appear to be ideal.

House Bill 1271, known as an economic development rate, allows utilities such as Black Hills Energy to offer large power users such as data centers negotiated rates on loads exceeding 3 megawatts . Now that the availability of the incentive has been finalized, data centers can begin taking advantage of this attractive option for locating in the state.

And as far as renewable energy is concerned, Black Hills Energy has one of the cleanest energy grids in Colorado, powered 100 percent by natural gas, wind and solar generation. With 200 MW of additional renewables potentially coming online as soon as 2024, we will lead the Rocky Mountain region with a generation portfolio that is over 50 percent renewable in nature.

As we continue to expand our renewable generating capacity, we are ready to be the next energy provider for your data center, ensuring we provide an affordable product powered by clean and sustainable resources.

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