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What do our sustainability goals mean for your next datacenter?

Bret Jones, Manager Business Development

If you follow us on LinkedIn or read our previous articles, you’ve probably noticed that we like to talk about our company’s activities related to clean, renewable energy.

We’ve covered topics ranging from our Corriedale wind project and the associated Renewable Ready program we implemented on behalf of our South Dakota and Wyoming customers to Renewable Advantage, our plan to deliver cost savings to our customers by doubling the amount of low-cost, renewable energy on our Southern Colorado system by 2023.

We understand the importance of developing and implementing sustainable solutions for our customers. That’s what makes last week’s announcement by our CEO, Linn Evans, even more exciting.

On Thursday, November 5, Linn announced Black Hills Energy’s new greenhouse gas emissions intensity reduction goals - 40% by 2030 and 70% by 2040 for our electric operations, and 50% by 2035 for our natural gas utilities.

Our data center engagement team here at Black Hills Energy has consistently heard about the importance of renewable energy and sustainability from those we have engaged in the mission critical industry during the last several months. We understand the strong commitments that many in the industry have towards the source of energy that supports your energy-intensive operations. Last week’s announcement is a strong indication of our own company’s continued efforts towards a more sustainable future and our commitment to partnering with existing and potential mission critical customers on this common goal.

All this brings to mind an exchange my colleague, Tyler Gibbs, had on one of his posts earlier this year

Tyler posted about the benefits of a Cheyenne location for data centers and received comments about Wyoming’s historical reliance on coal as a fuel for a significant portion of the energy produced within the state. It turned into a great opportunity to debunk some myths and share additional information about our historical efforts in environmental responsibility as well as Wyoming’s abundant renewable resource.   That information is worth repeating:

  • Black Hills Energy has a history of modernizing our electric generating fleet by retiring aging coal plants and constructing new natural gas and renewable energy resources, including wind facilities, in Wyoming.
  • We developed our Renewable Ready program and built the Corriedale wind project that gives WY and SD customers the option of subscribing to renewable energy for up to 100% of their electric energy needs.
  • Wyoming’s overall carbon footprint takes into account all of the energy that’s produced within the state, a significant portion of which is exported to western states, including California. According to the EIA, only 7% of all energy produced in Wyoming is consumed within the state.
  • According to NREL, Wyoming has one of the richest wind resources in the nation, with a technical potential of approximately 472,000 MW.
  • Wyoming is currently ranked 18th in the nation for installed wind capacity and there are several large wind projects in development or under construction as well as large transmission projects underway in Wyoming that will allow wind energy generated in Wyoming to be transported to Nevada, Arizona and California.
  • Wyoming wind is an abundant resource.

And this doesn’t, to a large part, speak to our efforts in Colorado, where we have undertaken our Renewable Advantage effort and have also built 150 MW of wind capacity across three separate wind farms, supported by new, state-of-the-art natural gas generation, resulting in the cleanest electric generation portfolio in Colorado.

What does this mean for our existing and potential data center customers? What it always has: that we are ready to work with you on developing the sustainable energy solutions that are a critical part of your business strategy.

Would you like to know more? Message me on LinkedIn, or contact me directly. We’d love to visit with you about supplying renewable energy to your next mission critical facility on the high plains of the Cowboy State.

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